Groups, Families, Couples, Individuals: Pre-Adolescents, Adults, Older Adults, Generational Trauma

"Forgiveness is shifting from the automatic ego reaction (anger/self-protection hurting back), to a non-reactive conscious response of empathy; considering that the other person is ALSO a human being, perhaps not mindful."

-Dr Ani Kalayjian, 2010 Forgiveness & Reconciliation

"You are the gem, the jewel, the diamond. If you cannot feel, experience, or see your inner-authentic healing gifts, come to work with me! I will help you transform the obstacles, obstructions, fears and anxieties so that you can see, feel, and share your true brilliance and shine. Your authentic healing abilities will surface, and you will not only be empowered, but you will begin empowering others!"

-Dr. Ani Kalayjian