35 Presents to Give Yourself


1. Drink one quart of pure water every day (juices or tea are not substitutes)

2. Eat a healthy breakfast with protein

3. Exercise your body & sweat: Move for one hour, walk, swim, dance, have sex (if you are an adult in a meaningful relationship) etc.

4. Follow your spiritual path & practice silence: Meditate, pray, walk in nature

5. Get enough oxygen: Breath slowly, intentionally, diaphragmatically, and mindfully

6. Love thyself and others: use positive affirmations

7. Sleep and wake up at around the same time every day

8. Express your emotions every day: Pleasant and unpleasant without reacting

9. Laugh & help someone laugh: Learn jokes & share them with others

10. Clear away clutter: clutter stagnates energy in both the environment and in you

11. Help someone everyday: When one helps another BOTH are made stronger

12. Wear natural fibers: Cotton, wool, silk, etc.

13. Read & write everyday: Keep a journal & a relaxing book by your bedside

14. Eat live food, nothing in the can: Fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

15. Grow plants & flowers in your home, garden, & window

16. Take daily vitamins &/or supplements regularly

17. Get preventive therapies: energy work, chiropractic, massages, muscle testing, etc.

18. Keep a log of your dreams & nightmares and let it be your private workshop

19. Engage in preventive health: Annual check up for physical, mental & spiritual health

20. Appreciate aesthetic beauty: Go to theatres, museums, concerts, etc.

21. Look at old photographs with an intention to learn more about yourself

22. Compliment yourself and others daily, genuinely, mindfully

23. Look into the heart of a flower, listen to the rain, curl up before an open fire, pop popcorn (add spices instead of butter), and watch the sunrise or the sunset

24. Try to empathize with another person’s joy (or hurt)

25. Volunteer some time to a meaningful cause: Soup kitchen, nursing homes, & Meaningfulworld

26. Allow yourself to make mistakes, acknowledge when you are wrong, ask for forgiveness, but ask yourself: What is the positive lesson here for me?

27. Ask clarifications and questions while avoiding to make assumptions

28. Express gratitude: Ask & accept help from others; let someone do you a favor

29. Take time to talk with others: Your neighbors, children going to school, colleagues in elevators, older people on benches, people at the grocery store, or s hair salon

30. Make time to hold a hand, hug a tree, smell a flower, feed the ducks, etc.

31. Practice forgiveness: Practice forgiveness toward yourself as well as others

32. Treat yourself: Buy a ticket to a special event, buy yourself a gift, reread a favorite book, get a facial or a manicure & a pedicure, etc.

33. Avoid energy clogs or leaks: Repair worn wires, blown light bulbs, & faulty outlets

34. Manage your time: Prioritize and focus on the most important, you & your family

35. Release your expectations from others, trust yourself and the universe?

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.   "

-Ralph Waldo Emerson