Non-Governmental Leadership

We will expose you to the skills sets that everyone needs in order to be self-directed. You can be a powerful agent for change, an influencer during the adoption of a new initiative, or a model of productivity and commitment.

  • Communication & Leadership
  • Delegation
  • Project Management

Your role as a leader changes once you have direct reports. To guide a team, you must learn how to facilitate group processes in order to streamline workflow, minimize interpersonal conflict and align with organizational goals. The modules of Team Leadership facilitate a shift from practicing skills to learning how to teach these skill sets to others.


  • Problem-solving for Leaders
  • Decision-making for Leaders
  • Conflict Management
  • Effective Meetings
  • Writing and Formulating a Mission Statement
  • Writing Learning Objectives
  • Assisting by Writing Bylaws
  • Informing re not-for-profit Regulations

Organizational Leadership.

The next level of leadership is about self-mastery. Know yourself. Express yourself. Control yourself. Control your interactions with others.

"There is no religion higher than truth & right coursers."

-Martin Luther King