Organizational and Career Transitions

The majority of people that loose their job face significant stress and reduced self-esteem. This is amplified during an economic downturn because of the uncertainty regarding future employment. Termination of employment frequently causes great anxiety for the manager delivering the message, the employee receiving the message, and even remaining work colleagues – sometimes called ‘survivors.’ Organizational and Career Transitional sessions are recognized as an effective means to reduce this anxiety for everyone involved with the employment separation process as well as during a career transition period.

Dr. Kalayjian offers years of experience in providing individualized programs for organizational and career transitions. It is a very personalized one-on-one approach in helping individuals work through the stress, overcome the self esteem issues and prepare them to present themselves in the best possible light to potential employers. We can also coach the managers in how to handle the termination meeting to preserve the employees’ dignity, and how to communicate it to the staff to avoid widespread anxiety. We provide support to both the employer and employees in managing the employment separation process with respect and empathy.

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