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Empower Yourself Through Mind-Body-Eco-Spirit Health

How does an individual learn to heal from trauma, betrayal, humiliation, or a heartbreak caused by another in failed interpersonal relationships, power struggles, separation, divorce, work related conflicts, and even conflicts with our own self? How can we transform the anger we inherit from our ancestors? How can the generational transmission cycle be transformed into a healing journey and lessons learned?

In this course, Dr Ani Kalayjian will present research findings showing how practicing forgiveness is essential for individuals as well as for collective health and transformation of horizontal violence. Forgiveness releases people from a paralyzing past by helping them to enjoy the present, and envision a future without judgment, resentment, anger or sadness.

Up to 80% of all illnesses are related to chronic stress due to pass trauma, betrayal, humiliation, and interpersonal disappointments. One in five women is on an antidepressant, and the men are not too far behind in addition to their high levels of aggression and substance use. Mind-Body-Eco-Spirit approaches — including medically proven techniques such as meditation, yoga, guided imagery, diaphragmatic breathing, empathy, and forgiveness — can make a significant contribution when dealing with illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, chronic pain, diabetes, asthma, back ache, gastrointestinal problems, poor digestion or elimination, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc . This course will focus on how to transform roots of evil and anger into empowerment, assertiveness, and lessons learned through the practice of mind-body-eco-spirit health.

This course provides the scientific basis for the Mind-Body-Eco-Spirit model, and the most recent research findings in the field. The program includes an added emphasis on the role of forgiveness on the mind-body-eco-spirit health. Dr. Kalayjian – who has over twenty-five years of experience around the world as a Psychiatric Board Certified nurse, nutritional counselor, Psychology Professor at ATOP Meaningfulworld, logotherapist in private practice and international traumatologist – brings a comprehensive wealth of knowledge, hands-on experiences from the field, personal stories, and will prepare you to integrate the Seven-step Integrative Healing Model into your everyday life, as she coaches on how to share this transformative way of thinking and behaving in your everyday work, your families, and others. She will help you to have your head, heart, hands and gut work in harmony.

Currently ongoing research is conducted by the author on post trauma forgiveness and healing in Sierra Leone, Armenia, DR Congo, Rwanda, Kenya, Lebanon, Haiti & US, and has organized and delivered over 40 post disasters humanitarian outreach projects around the world.

Mindful Living: The mind-body-eco-spirit continuum

1. Center your eating style around plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits: 60% vegetables, 20% fruits (6 vegetables & 2 fruits), and 20% protein.

2. Best vegetables: Greener the better, kale, colored green, leafy greens, broccoli, spinach, water chestnuts, string beans, peas, okra, and yellow squash. Better to eat them row in salads, or steam them lightly and then gently sauté in garlic and olive oil.

3. Best fruits: Pears, blueberries, peaches, mangoes, papaya, figs, grapes and pineapples. Try not to eat them after 5 PM, and eat them alone without other food.

4. Best Proteins: Soy, chicken, fish (not shell fish), turkey, chickpeas, lentils.

5. Be mindful of colors of your food, and try to make it as multicolored as possible, avoiding white food. These include: dairy products, especially cheese, white bread, white rice, sugar, white pasta, ice-cream, cookies, crackers, cakes, etc.

6. Avoid eating late at night; avoid eating 12 hours after waking up, as your digestive system is tired, and you would be uncomfortable sleeping and absorb less.

7. Avoid drinking with meals; drink before or after as it will interfere with digestion.

8. Chew your food very well as if it is as soft as an apple sauce (work your mouth to benefit from what you eat, instead of your digestive track. Count to make sure that you are chewing around 38 times).

9. Sit and eat with comfort and joy, without rushing.

10. Drink 8-8oz. of water daily. Upon rising drink luke warm water or hot water with lemon. If you feel tired in the afternoon repeat the same.

11. Change your exercise routine intermittently to shock your metabolism, as our bodies get used to the routine and we benefit if we change the routine.

12. Spice up your life with: Basil, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, ginger, mint, nutmeg, oregano, paprika, rosemary, thyme, turmeric, etc.

13. Avoid the following COMPLETELY: salt, sugar, fried foods, white flour, and white crackers. Make the whole-grain switch as they are filled with heart protective vitamin E, fiber, & antioxidant phytochemicals.

14. Add good fats whether in the form of nuts, olive oil or avocados; this will lower your LDL “bad” cholesterol. Best nuts are almonds, worst are cashews.

15. Eat small meals every 3 hours to keep your metabolism active.

16. If you have to eat carbohydrates such as rice, bread or potato, separate them from your protein intake. Eat your vegetables with carbs then vegetables with protein.

17. Brush your teeth twice a day; floss before bed, & use an antibacterial mouthwash to protect against the ill effect of plaque; this may cause you to have a heart attack.

18. Move, sweat, exercise, and stimulate yourself. Walking 3 times a week is essential. Studies show that walking up 2 flights of stairs a day can shave off 6 pounds a year.

19. SHHHHH. Silence is golden. We cannot change the world, ONLY ourselves and our response to it. Carve out time for a quiet reflection, meditation, stillness, & decompression.

20. Let go of resentments and anger as they are poisonous. Don’t take things personally, Release old hurts & practice forgiveness and doing the best that you can.

35 Presents to Give Yourself

"Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth."

-Albert Einstein