Let Love Transform You

Let Love Transform you
By Dr Ani Kalayjian

Let the flames of Love help you focus
On all that is essential and true;
Let Love illuminate you and
Pave your road with passion…

Let Love take you away,
At the same time centering you
To choose the good, in-spite of evil…
Let Love help you concentrate
Always on the present,
Letting go of the past,
As well as the unknown future…

Let Love fill your heart,
Opening your heart and letting it blossom,
Like a little budding flower!
Let Love help you mature,
To a full aromatic rose…

Love is the most essential feeling,
Let it fill your heart, mind, body and soul,
Love is the most noble deed,
Let it work endlessly through you…

Love is passion and compassion,
Love is patience and forgiveness,
Love is inspiration and awareness,
Love is eternal mindfulness…

Let love penetrate the depths of your soul,
Purifying you within and without,
Cleansing the negative past,
Paving your current path,
Shaping your uncertain future…

Let Love be your guide,
Your loving watch dog,
Your sight when you’re blinded,
Your voice when you’re silenced…

Let Love be with you…
Forever and ever
To eternity…