Rearranging the Spices of My Life

Rearranging the Spices of My Life
Dr Ani Kalayjian


The road that connected us is quietly slipping beneath us.
Our road paved with love, adorations, emails, IM, and SMS
Is now a barren, quiet, deserted and lonely road.
There are no flowers blooming on the sides, no lovers
hiding away to steal a glance, to hold hands, or to share a kiss…
No vehicles are daring to drive through, pull over, or enter.
The road to our love has stood still…

The road to our love was paved with attention,
Reinforcement, support, curiosity and compassion.
Now I am left alone, in wonderment and yearning,
Reaching out to see a glimpse of your smile,
Embracing your thoughtful and empathic self,
Regaining our soul connection and rejuvenating our love…
While the road to our love stood still…

I am in wonderment, why must we have a conflict?
Is it to appreciate our connection, to embrace our love?
I continue wondering as to
Why do we need to lose to realize the value of what we have?
As I continue to wonder some more,
Why do we have to fall to appreciate balance?
While the road to our love stands motionless…

I’m rearranging the spices of my life.
Re-evaluating which ones are essential
And those that I can use as a replacement,
While others I may let go or just change.
Although there were moments when I felt
Selfish; assuming that you were my gift,
I now understand the uncertain faith we share…

Let’s see now, as I am rearranging the spices of my life;
First, I choose love, with a transparent & open communication,
Lots of positive reinforcements, sharing and affection, while
Creatively carving out time and energy to share with others.
Second, I choose ample understanding, empathy, and forgiveness…
And Thirdly, I choose laughter, gardening, singing, and dancing to international music
I truly like my newly rearranged spices of life,
Come on let’s hold hands and journey with love…one more time…